PVC Corner Bead


PVC corner mesh is originally invented in Europe and then is widely used in home decoration.It is usually installed on two sides of doors and various corners which are easily colided.The corners include elevator corners,stair treads corners and other corners.With great elasticity,the corner mesh,acting like a suit of armor,efficiently protects corners from damage caused by collisions.Unlike steel angle which falls off easily because of strong rigidity,the product is firmly fixed on the corner with the help of fiberglass reinforced mesh.In other word,it won't easily fall off when it is bumped.

Simple construction saves much labor cost.The corner tape is fixed by cement on external corners and coated by adhesive cement and painting.Then the corners are well protected.Impact resistance of corners has been improved enormously.Hence,corners won't be damaged easily and their beauty can be kept for a long time.

The corner mesh can be installed simultaneously with the main project.A guiding rule is not needed when installing the product.Operation is very easy.As a result,efficiency of construction is two to five times of regular product and construction speed is increased due to simplified construction procedures.Moreover,engineering cost is reduced but engineering quality is enhanced.

Common Specifications

PVC 90 degrees corner tip: 20 * 20mm

Mesh tip: 10cm * 10cm

Length: 2.5m. etc.

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of PVC corner mesh in China,we offer a vast range of other related products,including self adhesive fiberglass tape,insect screen,paper tape,corner tape with metal strip,wallcovering patch,sanding screen,etc.

Related Names

PVC Angle Bead with Fiberglass Mess I Corner Mesh I Wall Corner Protection Mesh Tape






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