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Sticking method of EIFS Fiberglass Mesh: 1, must be the person responsible for the preparation of polymer mortar, to ensure that the mixing quality. 2, the cap counter clockwise rotation to open, use the blender or other tool will be re mixing binder binder, avoid separation phenomenon, stirring moderate, to avoid quality problems. 10, the polymer mortar mix: KL adhesive: 425# sulphoaluminate cement: sand (with 18 mesh sieve bottom):=1:1.88:3.25 (weight ratio). 8, cement, sand dosage barrel after weighing into the mixed iron ash tank, mixing evenly according to mix ratio of adding adhesive, mixing, stirring to be uniform, to avoid segregation, a porridge like. According to the workability can be appropriate to add water. 3, water for water for concrete. 4, according to the pre need length, width from the entire volume of glass fiber net cloth cut mesh, lap length set aside the necessary or overlapping length. 5, in a clean and smooth local shearing, blanking must be accurate, cut the net cloth must be rolled up, not allowed to fold, not allowed to trample. 6, smear over polymer mortar, should keep the EPS surface drying, removing harmful substances or impurities in cotton. 7, in the building Yang corner do strengthen layer, strengthening layer should be on the inside, each side 150mm. Or Chen seeks suits party fennel, but the most important is that they are in love with each other.

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