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The chemical stability of EIFS Fiberglass Mesh

EIFS Fiberglass Mesh, also called glass fiber EIFS Fiberglass Mesh, is based on the alkali or alkali free glass fiber yarn, woven glass fiber mesh cloth as the backing material, and then a new alkali resistant products coated acrylic copolymer solution after drying into. EIFS Fiberglass Mesh has the advantages of stable structure, high strength, good anti-corrosion, alkali resistance, crack resistance and other characteristics, the best reinforcement effect, and has the advantages of simple construction, easy. EIFS Fiberglass Mesh is mainly applicable to the cement, gypsum, walls, buildings and other structures inside and outside surface enhancement, anti crack, is a new type of building exterior wall thermal insulation engineering.

Performance characteristics of EIFS Fiberglass Mesh:

1, EIFS Fiberglass Mesh good chemical stability. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, anti erosion, cement and other chemical corrosion; and resin strong adhesion, easy to dissolve in the styrene.

2, high strength, high modulus, light weight.

3, EIFS Fiberglass Mesh good dimensional stability, stiffness, smooth, not easy to deformation, shrinkage of.

4, impact resistance, good. (because the net cloth of high strength, good toughness).

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