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The importance of heat preservation nails

Heat preservation nails and the external wall insulation network (hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh) is a kind of construction products supporting the use of. Heat preservation nails is a kind of special engineering plastic insulation board is fixed on the wall of the expansion nail. It consists of three parts: one is the casing made of nylon; two is galvanized steel screw casing; three is the nylon disk before the casing, insulation plate used to cover. Its length according to the thickness of the insulation board.

Heat preservation nails is used for external wall thermal insulation layer of external wall insulation is particularly evident in the system: the effect of high compressive strength, can prevent the impact damage, low thermal conductivity, which can reduce the whole structure of wall thickness; good dimensional stability, not deformation temperature changes in the circumstances, can prevent the surface coating cracking, also provide a flat surface for the decoration of wall, as well as the cement coating base... In short heat preservation nails small effects, building insulation system construction to add large, good application effect. So building insulation system construction everyone needs to heat preservation nails, from which I really can't!

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