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The test principle of EIFS Fiberglass Mesh:

The experiment was conducted according to European standard ETAG004 requirements, it is mainly in the two cycle, namely: 80 times of high temperature - water spraying cycle and the 20 times heating refrigeration cycle, the test is the ability to endure the deformation caused by the thermal insulation system of annual temperature difference of climate change stress.

1, high temperature and water spraying cycle 80 times, each time 6h.

High temperature 3h, so that the specimen surface temperature to 70 degrees C and constant temperature 70 - 5 degrees C, constant temperature time should the cloth is less than 1h.

Water spraying 1H, to the surface of the sample water, the water temperature is 15 plus or minus 5 degrees C, content of 1.0-1.51.

Static 2h.

2, state regulation.

After 80 times of high temperature - water spraying cycle, state regulation of at least 48h, and then test the next phase of.

3, heating refrigeration cycle 20 times, each time 24h.

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